Success Stories – Ed

Meet Ed: His typical breakfast each morning was a banana and orange juice. Many days he wouldn’t eat again until dinner time and made a regular habit of eating ice cream nearly every night for dessert. When he went for his annual physical, his physician told him he had fatty liver disease, and he had already had his gallbladder removed several years ago. At first Ed scoffed at the idea of “dieting,” but when he saw his friends from church losing weight so quickly and easily, he was finally convinced to give this program a try with the help of his health coach from church. Ed had a lot of concepts about how this wouldn’t work for him. He didn’t think he could give up his banana and OJ every morning, or eat six times a day. But he trusted his coach and decided to give it a try for one month. The results were almost immediate for Ed, and before he knew it, he shed 60 lbs!

Ed is now successfully living out the habits of health on a daily basis. He no longer experiences the fatigue and achiness from very often having to be on his feet at work all day. He has abundant energy, and enjoys being active with his healthy wife, and he has made optimal health a way of life!