Our Journey

Jeff & Cathy Evans

Certified Health Coaches

At the age of 50, Cathy suffered a massive heart attack. She underwent a 5-way bypass operation, then several weeks later three of those bypasses collased and she had to have repeat procedures.

We didn’t know at the time, but her doctors believed it was only a matter of weeks before the other bypasses would collapse, and they didn’t know what they would do.

Her cardiologist begged her to lose weight. She tried every “diet” program out there with little success. She felt completely defeated.

Then a friend introduced us to a health coach who changed our lives.

In six months Cathy lost 50 pounds, and Jeff lost 40 pounds.

The program worked and worked well!

Not only did our weight come down, but our health improved dramatically.

We decided to “pay it forward” and became health coaches to  help others get healthy.

That was nearly 10 years ago and we have helped hundreds of people lose weight and improve their health.

We’re here to help you too!

If you think you’re addicted to food, we understand. If you have tried diets only to put the weight back on again, we understand.

We’ve been there and done that.

If you’re ready, click the button below and set up a time for a free consultation call. We’ll explore your current situation and your goals, and we’ll determine if we have a program that will fit.

There is not a better time than now! Let’s get you started on your journey to health.