The world around us has a tremendous influence on our behavior, and for that reason we often blame external factors for our shortcomings. Yes, you might reach for an extra donut because your boss makes your workplace stressful, but you have more power to change your surroundings for the better than you realize.

If we can consistently improve our surroundings, then we can better position ourselves to create and sustain Habits of Health.

Your surroundings are typically comprised of:

  • People – Who are you surrounded by and how do their actions and habits affect your habits and daily behaviors?
  • Places – What are the hidden forces and structures that we surround ourselves with?
  • Things – What objects and items do we place around us and rely on for comfort, convenience, and leisure?

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She is down close to 30 pounds and probably many more inches but most importantly she is experiencing FREEDOM!  Here is her story in her own words!

“Alright. This is SUPER hard for me to share.  Mostly because I was in denial in the top 3 pictures. I was in denial that I was so overweight. I was in denial that I would lose the weight by not changed anything. I was in denial that I was an emotional eater. I believed “I’m just big boned” and “I was created this way”. That women was embarrassed, self conscious, and unhappy.

The woman in the bottom 3 is not where she wants to be quite yet, but she is CONFIDENT knowing she will be at a healthy weight soon! It is SO POSSIBLE. I was not destined to be overweight and unhappy! I was destined to be healthy. It’s not all about the number on the scale. I’m emotionally healthy because I no longer use food as a crutch! I am so thankful to my coaches for showing me a way to get healthy in a simple way without hours of meal planning and without breaking the bank!”

Not only is Bethany getting healthy but the ripple effect is in full swing as she pays forward the gift of health. Are you looking for freedom in your own life body, mind, and finances?

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